Web Hosting : Types And Features

Web hosting Types And Features

If you are a new blogger, selecting a web hosting plan can be quite confusing. Choosing a good web hosting plan is an essential step of SEO and online marketing.

What is Web Hosting

Web Hosting provides you the storage, applications and other resources necessary to run your website. They are specialized computers called Servers on which your website files (text, image, video etc.) are stored. These servers on the Internet are assigned unique IP address. Domain Names System (DNS) map the IP address of your server with your Domain Name. So, you can access the server through its IP address or Domain Name on the Internet.

Software like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal help you in creating and managing contents for your website on a server. You don’t need to remember complex codes to set up your site. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) based on Linux.

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Types of Web Hosting

All websites are not same. Some require less resources while others may consume lots of resources on the server. The factors depend on the types of file your are hosting and the number of visitors your site is getting.

Three basic types of Hosting you will find on a hosting websites. These are:

Dedicated server hosting

A client gets full access on a dedicated server. You can fully utilise the server environment. Websites perform great on this type of server.

However they are expensive and require technical knowledge for their maintenance and operation. They are best suited for large and high traffic websites.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A client gets a virtual slot with dedicated resources on the server. There are multiple virtual slots created on the same server. These slots share the physical resources of the server (CPU, RAM etc) but function like a dedicated server.

They are best suited for medium websites which gets moderate to high traffic. They are cheaper than dedicated server hosting and perform better than shared hosting.

Shared hosting

In shared hosting, large number of clients are accomodated in a single server with limited access. Resources are shared among the websites.

They are cheaper and recommended for smaller websites with low traffic.

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How to Choose Web Hosting Plan

Hosting providers create various packages to satisfy the requirements of their clients. You should choose the package best suited for your website. But what features you should be looking while comparing the packages.

  • Bandwidth: When someone access your website data transfer occur. The Rate of Data Transfer is known as bandwidth. Amount of bandwidth your website need will be the product of average page views and the average size of pages.
    • So, for a website with average monthly views of 10,000 and average page size of 300 KB, 3,000,000 KB or 3 GB monthly bandwidth will be required.
  • Storage : It is size of disk space you need to store your web files. To host 200 posts of average page size of 300 KB, 200*300 KB = 60,000 KB or 60 MB is minimum requirement. You will also need space for themes, plug-ins etc.
    • Websites containing only articles and few images per post/page require much less storage than websites hosting images and videos primarily.
  • Number of websites : number of add on domains and sub domains you want to host on the same hosting.
  • Uptime : It is the time period your sever is operational and accessible online.
  • Server location : choose nearest server location for greater speed.
  • Support : Support is important for hosting a website especially if you are not from technical background.
  • Security features
  • Pricing : Price of packages offering same features are more or less are same. Keep your eyes on coupons and sells.

Shared hosting is ideal for a new blog and low traffic sites. High traffic sites should be hosted on VPS hosting or Dedicated server hosting.

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