How to Set Up A Blog To Earn Money Online

how to set up a blog to earn money online

If you are wondering how to earn money online than you are at right place. There are thousands of ways to make money online. Among them Blogging is one of the best way to earn money online.

Earlier people used to do blogging as a hobby or a part time to earn some extra money. Over the time, advancement in internet technologies has helped the blogging to develop into most opted online career.

Setting a blog up is easy and simple. But You need to have some basic knowledge at the beginning. And if you want to earn with a blog then you need to learn more than the basics of blogging.

So, what are the things you should know before starting a blog? Whats steps you should take to make your blog successful? Read and follow the steps given in this blogging Basic guide and start your online earning with blogging in no time.

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How do Bloggers Earn Money Online

Bloggers use various methods to monetize their blog. It depends on the type and level of the blog. Advertising and Affiliate Marketing are most used methods among bloggers to generate online income.

What is a Blog and Why Blogging is popular for online earning ?

A Blog is basically a series of website updates in reverse chronological order. Posts, Permalinks, Comments, Chronological order of posts, Archives, Categories are some of the basic features of a blog. Mostly blogs are about sharing information and communicating with the readers. So, on a blog a blogger share his views on a topic and the readers also get chance to comment their opinion. Companies use a blog to communicate with their customers, making them seem friendly and accessible.

Because Blogs are frequently updated they are good at generating high search-engine rankings. They even tend to rank ahead of a standard Web site on a topic in search results due to their fresh and current content. Search engines give an extra boost to Web pages that have the most recently updated content related to the keyword that someone is searching for. High rank in a search result attract more visitors and views. Due to this blogs have become an important marketing tool.

Google Ranking and SEO

You need visitors on your blog to en-cash your marketing options. But people will visit your site when they find it. Search engines do that for them. They serve relevant web pages in a form of Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for a users’ query over the internet. There can be million of web pages containing content related for a searched word or phrases. Search Engines analyze these pages and rank them according to their relevancy.

Search Engine Result Page or SERP in short form is thus a list of web pages in descending order according to their rank for a searched term. In a SERP you will typically find list web pages with their URL (Universal Resource Locator) and short description. Most of the traffic go to the top pages. If your blog page doesn’t rank higher in the SERP you will hardly get any views.

Google gather information of websites through search engine spiders. Google’s algorithm compare more than 200 factors to rank websites in a SERP for a related query. Google regularly update their algorithm to give better search results. Therefore it is essential for a blogger to identify these factors and optimize his blog accordingly. Here comes the most talked about term in the Blogoshere, SEO.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process to tune your website for better ranking in SERPs.

According to leading SEO softwares like SEMrush and Moz, the major factors that determine a page’s rank in Google SERP’s are Content relevancy, Domain Authority and Backlinks.

On Page SEO

Process of optimizing different aspects of a website that affect it’s ranking.
Website design, Page speed, Content Structure, Mark ups, Internal linking are the factors dealt under page SEO.

Off Page SEO

Processing of making a website more authoritative and trusted to rank better.
Backlinks and related factors are dealt under off page SEO.

Steps to Set up a Blog

Selecting Niche

Select a marketable topic in which you have passion or expertise or experience so that you can write about it

Purchasing a Hosting and Domain

Carefully choose a hosting plan according to your need. Initially you can choose a shared hosting but cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting are better option from SEO viewpoint. Select domain name with top level extension. .COM or .NET are most preferable.

Installing WordPress

Hosting company provide wordpress installers software like Softaculous and Installatron in your Cpanel to install WordPress few easy steps.

Configuring Email and FTP accounts

Installing Theme

Install a theme that is SEO friendly. It should be Responsive, Mobile friendly, Fast loading and Easy to navigate. Pick a paid version if possible.

Installing Plug-ins

Plug-ins are softwares which extend and improve the functioning of your blog. You can add plugins from your wordpress dashboard.

Some of the plugins you should install in your blog are Updraft plus for Backups, WP Form or Ninja Form for adding contact Form, Yoast SEO for SEO assistance, Child theme configurator for creating the Child Theme, WP super cache, Jetpack, Image Optimiser for reducing images size, etc.

Creating Pages

Writing About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer pages are important for site authority.

Writing Posts

Optimized Content is the key factor of On Page SEO. Your post must be well structured and focused. Use Keywords in Headings and URL. Write simple sentences. Keep your paragraphs short. Use Images with Alt text. Use internal and external Links where they make sense. Add Meta description and Tags.

Adding Social Profiles

Integrate your brand pages on Facebook, Google+, twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and other social platform to your blog. They are important for your site authority and traffic.

Using Google Webmaster Tool

Search Console

You should add your site to search console to analyze the search performance of your site. It allows you to check indexing status and optimize visibility of your websites. You have to first login using your g-mail account, then add and verify your site to use it.

Google Analytics

Main aim of SEO is to increase the number of visitors to your site. Google Analytics gives the insight of visitors to your site. You can find your audience overview by numbers, acquisition, demographics, network, technology etc. and other useful reports for SEO on Google Analytics.

Link Building

It is the most important aspect of Off Page SEO. Backlinks increases Domain authority of a blog. You have to make links for your blog pages on other websites. Quality matters more than the number of backlinks. This simply means that backlinks should be coming from high domain rating (high authority) sites.

Common methods of creating backlinks are:

  • Commenting
  • Directory submission
  • Guest Posting

Monetization Methods

Now your blog is up and getting visitors it is the time to monetize your blog. You can generate income by placing ads, selling products and services etc on your blog.

Most common and popular monetizaton methods used by bloggers are:

Pay per click Advertising (Adsense)

Get Googe Adsense approval for your blog. Place ads on the blog and get paid for per click.

Affiliate Marketing (Amazon Associates)

Become Amazon Associate, place product links on your blog and get paid for the referral on every eligible purchase.

Selling Info Products

You can sell products like ebooks and online courses directly from your blog and get paid.


So three basic steps to earn money online from a blog are

  • Set up
  • Optimization
  • Monetization

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