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fast adsense approval trick

Here you will find Adsense approval trick 2019 that will help you to achieve your dream of online earning with blogging. Read these Adsense approval tricks and tips to get the approval in your first attempt.

Google Adesense Advertising is the most popular method of monetizing a blog. Every new blogger wants to apply for it as soon as possible to earn some money. But Google has strict policies for the publishers and they manually review blogs before approving them for Adsense. Application of new bloggers often get rejected due to their unawareness of Adsense policies.

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What is Google Adsense? How does Adsense Pay?

Google Adsense is a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising program. It shows Ads on your blog. When visitors click on these ads you will get paid.

Basically it starts with the advertisers on Google Adwords. Adwords is the online advertising platform for advertisers developed by Google. Advertisers design their Ad campaigns on Adwords. They bid on keywords specific to their products. Google shows these ads on search results pages and websites pages (adsense approved) related to the keywords.

When you place adsense codes on your site, the adsense spiders crawl your site to match up the ads with your content. So if we bid for certain keyword xyz and content of your site has same keywords xyz then our ads will show up on your articles about xyz.

How much do Adsense pay?

It depends on number of things but CPC and CTR are major variables that decide the revenue.

CPC is the amount of money Adsense pay for one click on a Ad. It is determined by the advertiser. If CPC of an Ad is $1 you will earn $1 for 1 click.
CTR is the number of clicks an Ad is getting per 100 views. If an Ad is viewd 100 times and clicked 5 times then it’s CTR is 5%.

So, if average CPC and CTR of your page is $ 0.05 and 2% you will get 0.05*2 = $ 0.1 per hundred page views. Then you will need 1000 page views to earn $ 1. This is how you can estimate your adsense earning.

So, how can you make your blog Adsense ready?

By applying the following adsense approval trick and tips you can make your site adsense ready for sure :


Use custom domain name with top level extention like .COM or .NET . Avoid free domains with low level extentions like, .ooo etc because they have low authority and they rank poorly in SERPs.


Some pages are essential for the running of your blog. Without them Adsense would not consider your blog operational. They are :

  • About – You can write about yourself and your team, their role on the blog, your blogging journey, visions etc on this page.
  • Contact Us – Write your contact details and provide a contact form. You can use wp contact form plugin to create a simple contact form.
  • Privacy Policy – You can create privacy policy page from setting menu in the wordpress dashboard.
  • Disclaimer – It is important to declare that you do not host any illegal content on your site. And visitors should use their own discretion while using the content of your site.

So your blog must have these pages or Adsense will see it as under construction site and may reject your application. They are not hard to write. Just provide correct information about you and your blog.


  • Content quality : Content of your blog should be original, informative, focused and related to the topic of the post. Write well structured posts of minimum 300 to 500 words.
  • Plagiarism : Do not copy content from other site. Google do not tolerate plagiarism. Adsense will reject your application on the ground of scrape (stolen) content.
  • Content quantity : Write at least 25 to 30 quality posts before applying for the approval. Otherwise Adsense may reject your application on the ground of insufficient content.
  • Restricted contents : Do not host restricted content on your site. If you host any of the following content you will never get Adsense approval
    • Adult content
    • Hateful or Violent
    • Copyrighted

Third parties ads

Do not use ads of any other network before approval. You can later show the ads of other networks in compliance with adsense policy.

Website Design

  • Use Menu, Category and Tags for easy navigation on your site.
  • Your blog should look professional.
  • Use light and responsive theme.
  • Create a logo for your site and put it on the theme.
  • Avoid use of unnecessary widgets and images.
  • Use cache plugin for to improve your page speed.


Generate and submit the sitemap of your site to Google console. It will help Google to find, index and rank your site. It is important for bringing traffic.
Do not use paid traffic.


Write quality posts, add essential pages and optimize the design of your site for providing better user experience to your visitors. So, this adsense approval trick is all you need to make your blog adsense ready

For detailed Adsense policies you can visit here.

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