5G : 1000 Times Faster Than 4G

5G technolgy

Do you know what is 5G? How is 5g better than 4G? When will 5G be launched? How will 5G enhance the mobile users experience?

In last few decades we have seen tremendous development in mobile technologies. Communication devices have evolved from a simple calling device to multi functional devices (mobiles, tablets, automated devices, wearables etc). They have become an integral part of our lives.

Consequently, number of the users has been increasing multi-fold. India is 2nd in the use of mobile communications and 1st in data consumption. On an average, an Indian user consume 7.4 GB data per month.

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4G is the current mobile technolgy which is primarily developed for data services. But it has limitations too. Many countries are working on 5G technolgy to meet up their future’s data need.

What is 5g Technology

5G is the next generation of wireless / mobile communication technology. It is expected to be launched soon in different parts of the World. It is assumed to bring extreme speed, low latency (time delay), better connectivity, Internet of things, advancement in virtual and augmented reality, etc.

Generations of Mobile Technologies

Mobile technologies have started evolving 40 years back. Since then we have seen four generations of mobile technologies. A new generation with fast and improved features come up in roughly every 10 years.

1G (1st Generation) : 1G mobiles ran on analog technology. It was used for only voice calls. Max speed available in 1g was 2.5 kbps.

2G (2nd Generation) : 2 Gintroduced digital technology in mobile communication. Text message and Internet over GPRS were introduced. Max speed available on GPRS is 50 kbps and over EDGE is 1 Mbps.

3G (3rd Generation) : Enhanced voice and Data capabilities. 3G is the first mobile broadband. Provided multimedia support. Maximum speed available on 3g is 2 Mbps.

4G (4th Generation) : It is the current generation of mobile technology. 4G is designed mainly for Data services. It supports streaming services that demand high data speed. Maximum speed available on 4g is 1 Gbps.

5G (5th Generation) : coming soon! Next generation of mobile technology. 5G is supposed to change the face of mobile communications. Its maximum speed is anticipated to be 20 Gbps.

Advantages of 5g / How Is 5G better than 4G

5G is expected to have following advantages over 4G

  • Faster data communication – 1000 times faster than 4G
  • Better connectivity
  • Low latency (short lag time between device and network)
  • Ability to handle Remote surgery and remote driving – These operations require low latency to touch and feel things miles away.
  • Ability to handle automated devices more effectively.
  • Less consumption of energy.

5G launch in India

5G is a part of Digital India Mission. Indian telecom companies like BSNL, Jio, Airtel are already conducting experiments on 5G technolgy. 5G spectrum auction is likely to take place in July in 2019.


BSNL had partnered with Ciena, the US-based networking solutions company for the 5G technology-based field trials.

They have tied-up with SoftBank, Coriant and Nokia for 5G readiness.

Jio 5G Mobile

Jio is preparing to launch 5G services within six months after the auction of the 5G spectrum in India. They would launch Jio 5G service and Jio 5G Mobile simultaneously.

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